Driven by innovation

Driven by innovation

forestLAB is a research and innovation hub focused on pioneering world-class models for landscape management that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

forestLAB’s intention is to encourage cross-cutting collaboration through partnerships with leading academic institutions. Harnessing multidisciplinary expertise, we believe, is the answer to tackling complex developmental challenges and devising climate-smart models that are appropriate for Africa.

forestLAB’s founding partners are the African Conservation Development Group, the University of Stirling and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment based at the London School of Economics. In Gabon our founding partner is the National Scientific and Technological Research Centre (CENAREST).

Underpinning the research intent is the aim to translate academic excellence into real-world impact, from innovations in environmental practice and finance, to social development methodologies and economic models that inform best practice and policy considerations.

forestLAB has ten principal areas of focus:

  • 01

    Natural capital measurement and valuation

  • 02

    Environmental finance and economics

  • 03

    Sustainable agriculture

  • 04

    Sustainable forestry

  • 05

    Biodiversity conservation

  • 06

    Natural resource management

  • 07

    Conservation-based tourism

  • 08

    Socio-economic development

  • 09

    Sustainable development planning

  • 10

    Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Our focus in Africa

Our focus in Africa

forestLAB will enable open-minded enquiry into more sustainable models of development for countries across Africa which are grappling with urgent and complex challenges around sustainable development and climate change.

Our first few years of physical research will be conducted in Gabon, which harbours the second largest expanse of rainforest on earth and represents a critical line of defence in the fight against climate change. Both the University of Stirling and the African Conservation Development Group have a long history of working at the nexus of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Gabon.

We empower and enable

We empower and enable

forestLAB serves as a platform to catalyse informed conversations, enable advocacy and broker progressive partnerships for integrated, conservation-led development.

We not only work with academic partners but also with best-in-class individuals and organisations working in the fields of climate technology, ecology, climate finance and environmental law. The aim is to inspire and capacitate a new generation of African sustainable development thinkers and practitioners who will go on to make globally significant contributions to this field.

Prof. Alistair Jump, University of Stirling
"We are incredibly proud to be part of this exciting new collaboration and look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with partners as we work towards the common goals of supporting sustainable growth, safeguarding our future and building collective resilience."
— Prof. Alistair Jump, University of Stirling

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